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One Board Imaging ,Not Limited to Large Scale

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Product Description


One Board Imaging, Not Limited to Large Scale

Application Department
Orthopedics, Traumatology, Orthodontics, Interventional Radiology, etc.
Clinical Application

Orthopedics, support for full spine photography, double lower limb photography, myelography, complex trauma, artificial joint replacement, joint injury repair and reconstruction, and other large-scale clinical applications.

17 "* 34" effective field of view, no stitching for one imaging. Compared to the DR device that combines multiple photography images with software, the DXR800-1 solves the problems of uneven density, image registration, and magnification effects in the concatenated images, bringing a large field imaging solution to clinical practice, which can cover the entire spine or lower limb images at once.

Large field photography/perspective with multiple functions

In addition to conventional static photography, the PLX8600 large tablet has dynamic perspective and spot imaging functions, and the perspective acquisition function can support large field of view and multi angle visual observation. Through visualized dynamic images, combined with point imaging functions, complex lesions can be observed effectively, key frames can be captured effectively, and the probability of patients taking multiple films can be reduced. For example, comprehensive spinal status assessment, long bone joint range of motion, lower limb venography valve function assessment, gastrointestinal function assessment, myelography, and other large-scale clinical applications.
High power/high heat capacity/long standby

High power and high heat capacity provide protection for long-lasting work. Whether in photography mode or perspective mode, it can maintain continuous operation for a long time, without the need for appointments, and can be taken anytime.

AEC automatic exposure ionization chamber
The shooting parameters can be automatically adjusted according to the patient's body thickness, and the AUTO mode can be activated, eliminating the need for technicians to manually adjust parameters, reducing the workload of technicians.

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