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Product Introduction

DXR650-B Mobile DR

Fixed DR level imaging, flexible and more professional

65kW high-power ball tube

Clear display of obese patients and areas with thicker tissue

The radiation output of DXR650-B can meet the shooting needs of patients of all body types, even for patients weighing over a hundred kilograms, clear images can be obtained.

Short exposure fixed frame images of cardiopulmonary movement moments

DXR650-B can output sufficient X-rays within a short exposure period to obtain clear images. Especially suitable for filming patients with pneumonia, pneumoconiosis, tuberculosis, and other difficult to hold their breath, to avoid motion artifacts caused by the patient's breathing, and to facilitate accurate diagnosis by doctors.

Support for high kV photography with more layered lung textures

DXR650-B can output high-energy X-rays, which can clearly display soft tissue overlapping with bones, small structures of the bones themselves, and gas containing lumens.

Special optimization for epidemic prevention work

Meet the continuous shooting needs of large-scale physical examinations, pneumonia screening, etc

Large heat capacity can meet the requirements of long-term shooting and can handle large-scale shooting tasks.

High reliability of new energy storage technology

The new energy storage technology is particularly suitable for the current continuous and frequent epidemic prevention work. The charging and discharging process has no chemical reactions, and is more stable during use. It will not be damaged or unable to start due to prolonged storage.

High utilization rate of one machine dual purpose equipment

Fixed DR peer configuration with clear imaging assistance for diagnosis

Equipped with a fixed DR level hardware configuration, suitable for patients of all body types, with clear images and high clinical diagnostic value.

Mobile, flexible, and more professional, combining dynamic and static applications for multiple purposes

In the face of sudden bedside photography and emergency shooting tasks, one can immediately go out and flexibly shuttle within the hospital, taking photos as needed.

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