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Product Description
Product Introduction

Wireless tablet

Using a 17x17 inch wireless tablet, the entire board has no splicing, a wide image field of view, and clear and delicate imaging.

High power multi body multi part shooting

DXR7520-C adopts a high-power split type high-frequency high-voltage generator, with stable high-voltage output. Combined with a ball tube, it can stably output X-rays, meeting the needs of various body position shooting.

Flexible mobility to meet the needs of multiple departments

The DXR7520-C has a compact body and can be flexibly accessed in multiple scenarios such as hospital corridors, wards, ICUs, outpatient emergencies, etc. At the same time, it adopts a dual wheel and dual drive design, which allows for fast movement, natural and smooth travel, and can achieve zero radius turns, making it easy to move in narrow spaces.

Small and lightweight clinical positioning, easy and labor-saving

DXR7520-C adopts an electric motor frame design, which can achieve functions such as wide range rotation of the column and free extension and contraction of the cross arm. The machine head can achieve no dead angle rotation coverage, and can complete shooting in narrow spaces, meeting various clinical positioning needs.

Integrated touch screen workstation intelligent control

A large-sized LCD touch screen equipped with specialized image processing software has a user-friendly graphical interaction interface, with clear icons at a glance, which can effectively shorten the running-in period between medical personnel and machines and quickly put them into work.

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