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G200-A is Redon’s Orthopedic Surgical Robot for open or minimally invasive full-segment spine surgery. It comprises a six-degree-of-freedom robotic arm that delivers surgical instruments, an optical tracking system, a surgical master control and support platform, and a navigation system. Providing visualization that helps doctors plan the surgery and approach, Tuoshou improves surgical precision with minimized trauma and intraoperative radiation. It represents the first comprehensive integration of robots and intraoperative imaging in data, control, and workflow. It features surgical efficiency and consistency thanks to its autonomous registration driven by its closed-loop system, shortened learning curve, and streamlined process. In addition, it enhances the precision of screw placement, a vital step in spinal instrumentation, decompression, fusion, and augmentation procedures. Its superiority over competitors in clinical accuracy, surgical performance (measured by good-to-excellent screw placement), and image clarity has been substantiated in the first controlled trial performed in HK.

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