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Product Description

G300-B can be applied to multi-segment spinal surgery, assisting doctors to locate the lesion, and providing preoperative surgical procedure planning and nail insertion position for spinal surgery (percutaneous vertebroplasty, pedicle screw internal fixation, etc.) , Angle visualization guidance, simulation and nailing assistance.

All-in-one registration solution

The G300-B is equipped with the flat-panel 3D C-arm independently developed and produced by Puai Medical. With the help of integrated adaptive registration technology, automatic registration and registration are realized, and the three coordinate systems of the optical positioner, patient and image are automatically established. The registration process does not require manual intervention, and the accuracy is not affected by image quality. The system compatibility is stronger, the information matching is more accurate, and the registration process is more convenient.

Submillimeter precision Smart assistance

High-precision system and robotic arm

Equipped with a high-precision optical tracking system and a robotic arm, based on 3D image data, it uses surgical planning software to guide doctors in surgical planning and assist in positioning implants or surgical instruments with submillimeter accuracy.

Automatic navigation and positioning

The robot (mechanical arm) automatically performs positioning guidance, automatic registration, and moves to the planned calibration position according to the predetermined screw implantation trajectory, so that the surgical path is consistent with the planned path.

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