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Product Description
Since releasing its first portable color Doppler ultrasound system, Reedon has dedicated itself to the ultrasound field. From this dedication, a great deal of ultrasound technologies, especially in hand-carried systems have emerged. From this dedication, the BXC913-Z was released as a powerful and versatile imaging platform with a futuristic design. Compact, yet featuring comprehensive applications for cardiology, radiology, abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, small parts and urology, BXC913-Z provides the best solution for ultrasound imaging through outstanding performance.
Spatial Compound Imaging
Spatial Compound Imaging utilizes several lines of sight for optimal contrast resolution, speckle reduction and border detection, with which the BXC913-Z is ideal for superficial and abdominal imaging for better clarity and improved continuity of structures.
Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging
The harmonic signals are fully preserved without degradation of the acoustic information, which makes it possible for the BXC913-Z to image high-level details and improve contrast resolution by reducing noise and clutter in the visualization of subtle lesions, small parts, vascular and so on.
C-Xlasto elastography
Reedon provides the BXC913-Z with a new method to support the physician in assessing tissue elasticity. The differences in tissue responses are detected and visualized in real-time by the elastography algorithms through different graphical representations which can be particularly helpful in analyzing breast, thyroid and musculoskeletal structures.
Real-time 3D (4D)
With increased physical channels and a new platform, the BXC913-Z offers both high quality imaging and high frame rates to meet a new standard of Reedon's S series. Thanks to high frame rate and advanced technologies, the 4D imaging of BXC913-Z delivers smooth movement of the fetus and offers comprehensive 4D acquisition, data rendering, and post-processing functionality.
High Density Probe
BXC913-Z is equipped with a high density phased array probe to meet the needs of both high frame rate and premium resolution in cardiac imaging. Thanks to the high sensitivity of Reedon's color Doppler mapping, the BXC913-Z can provide an accurate cardiac diagnosis beyond your imagination.

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